Jeff and Emily Weimer
Missionaries to the Philippines

Jeff and Emily met at Lee University and have always known they were called to be missionaries.  Through the vision of Go To Nations’ relief and development arm, Glodev Inc, they will combine sustainable farming with their missionary call and minister the Gospel while helping the poor help themselves. Jeff is an ordained minister with the Church of God Cleveland, TN. They have six children, T’Aunie, Josiah, Byron, Selah, Trinity, and Avigail.  They are stationed in the Philippines and are ministering throughout Southeast Asia.  They work in Iloilo City and around Panay Island with Christ Centered Fellowship (CCF), sharing the Gospel and teaching sustainable natural farming methods. They also work with Center for the Children of the Future (CCF), a Compassion International program, “Releasing children from poverty in Jesus name.” The center currently has 400 children with plans to grow to 800.